Top 6 Advantages of Aluminium Window Grills

We find window grills in almost every home and office. They are used as dividers, barriers or for decorative purpose. Window grills can be made from wood, stone, aluminium or other metals. Among these aluminium grills are much popular as they are durable, good in strength, reusable and requires less maintenance.

There is an increased demand for aluminium window grills due to a variety of reasons. Let’s have a look.


Use of aluminium window grills adds security to your home and office properties. They are not easy to break. It is obvious to see a glass window smashed down in few seconds and your property stolen! But aluminium safety grills on windows ensures that your glass or standard window is not interfered.


Since old decades the decoration and appearance is propelling the people to go for designer window grills. A decorative design on windows always looks appealing and adds to the ambience of the house. As the aluminium metals are easily joined to each other so the window grills can be designed in traditional artwork or with latest patterns, additionally it comes with silver or dull gray appearance depending on the intensity of the polish which makes it elegant for a contemporary look. 

Rust Resistance:

The aluminium is a rust proof metal, unlike iron and other metals the aluminium does not corrode when in contact with water. This makes them long lasting.

Light Weight and Durable:

Aluminium window grills are light weight. They do not exert pressure on the concrete like other metals, which resultant increase the durability of windows and grills.

Fire Protection:

Aluminium is a non-magnetic metal and does not ignite easily.

Low Maintenance:

Compare to other metals aluminium grills requires low maintenance.