Care & Maintenance for Aluminium Windows and Doors

Aluminium Windows and Doors are low maintenance products with high durability. But Over the time some maintenance is required for the stiff spring, dirty frames and sticking. Cleaning at regular interval reduces the risk of break-downs and keeps your doors & windows clean, bright and lively for a long time.

Here are some cleaning tips, by adhering these one can ensure that their aluminium windows and doors will stay in peak condition throughout the age with optimum performance.

Cleaning of the Aluminium Frame 

Clean the aluminium frames by following 5 very easy steps:

Step 1: Douse the aluminium frame with water using a hose. It will make the job easier by removing the majority of the superficial dirt.

Step 2: Wash the frames in warm water solution with a non alkaline liquid detergent. This may be either a special aluminium cleaner or a normal house hold laundry detergent.  Make sure the PH of the cleaner is less than 7.

Step 3: After the detergent wash, scrub the frame with a sponge OR a non abrasive cloth OR a very soft bristle brush. Pay more attention on ridges, grooves and joints where the contaminants are usually collected. With a smooth scrubbing you can easily eliminate the grime and other deposits.

Step 4: Now rinse thoroughly with clean water, Make sure to rinse any residue or dirt left over by the cleaning product.

Step 5: Use a soft cotton cloth to dry the frame top to bottom.

Cleaning of the Locking System 

For optimum performance of locking system use a blower to eliminate the hidden water and then apply light lubricating oil to the key and insert it in and out in the cylinder for a few times. The lubricant will help to ensure an easy operation. You can encore this process in every 3 months.

Polishing of the Frame

Once the frames have been cleaned, apply an aluminium specific polish or car wax product, it will help to maximize the protection and shine of the frame. But make sure to test the product on an area of the frame before using to avoid unwanted damages.

Recommended Frequency of Cleaning

Normal Environment: Every 6 months
Marine & Industrial Environment: Every 3 months

If you are facing difficulty with the running mechanism and have tried all possible remedies without success than do not force the system, contact vendor immediately.