Comparison between sliding doors and french doors

Sliding Doors vs French Doors

You can spend your entire weekend debating on sliding door and French door comparison. If you want to make a choice between French door and sliding door, do a side by side comparison of these two. Weigh such factors as cost, safety, aesthetics and space.

Cost: Both door types come with a wide price range. A quality aluminium frame sliding door with screen will cost around $600, while the French doors are more expensive. A high quality French door can be around $800 or more.

Safety: Without any doubt the French doors are much safer than sliding doors. Sliding doors creates the illusion of no door or opened door while the French door can’t be mistaken. It encounters the chances of accidents which generally happen with sliding door due to its transplant appearance.

Aesthetics: This aspect is a matter of test and depends on the motif of home. Both door types appear with a close fight of perfection. The French doors posses a certain elegance and can be stained or painted in any fashion and also comes with numerous window pane layouts. On the other side Sliding doors are perfect for open home layouts.

Space: Sliding door occupies less space because the opening section covers a fixed area and resultant no requirement of outside space. French door required some free space due to its inward or outward opening mechanism.