Sliding doors are the most versatile and robust door type and become doors for an everyday living. It allows you to open up your living spaces with non-intrusive onto decks or patios. A sliding door is an excellent option for high traffic areas in Melbourne and places where space limits the opening of a hinged door. It also delivers an expansive look while remaining cost-effective.

Imperial has manufactured a range of an aluminium sliding doors that are suitable for both commercial and residential applications, reliable and well suited to Australian conditions and the latest in home designs. Our sliding doors are carefully designed to provide a high level of design flexibility, strength and security incorporating a set of robust features, structural interlocks, high-quality height adjustable rollers and several sill performance options.

For enhanced thermal comfort and performance, we also offer Double Glazed Windows And Sliding doors with insulated glass unit up to 25mm in thickness.

Key Features of Imperial Glass Sliding Doors Melbourne:

  •  Proven, robust design for domestic and commercial applications.
  •  Our sliding doors come with single and double glazing options.
  •  Customized doors to your specific requirements.
  •  Bevelled rails for a ‘softer’ aesthetic.
  •  High weather performance options.
  •  Heavy duty adjustable roller hardware.
  •  Thermal comfort performance.
  •  Sliding doors offer more natural light compared with timber door. (How? Read here)

Custom made Aluminium Glass sliding doors

All sliding doors at Imperial are customized to individual requirements. At Imperial Aluminium Windows & Doors Pty Ltd, our experienced team not only simply installs but also provides technical and professional advice from the design perspective until the installation of the finished product.