Aluminium Window and Door Maintenance Tips

Aluminium Window and Door Maintenance Tips

Many homeowners always think that their doors and windows are stable and ignore to maintain them regularly. Some house owners go years without believing about washing or maintaining their aluminium windows or doors. Unluckily, this will only affect complicated concerns in the future.

Aluminium window and door maintenance should be handled every few months. This is because your windows and doors gradually accrue dirt and trash on both the inner and outside. Regularly washing aluminium windows will make sure your windows and doors remain perfect. You may consider maintaining your aluminium doors/windows is an easy process. However, you should take the proper steps. Otherwise, you could take the risk of damaging your window frames and surfaces.

Clean and effortless tracks

A good way to clean the bordering areas of your aluminium windows is to use a tough brush to clean across the window sashes – where dirt and sand typically accumulate. You can also use up a vacuum cleaner with a tiny nozzle to overcome all the excess rubble. It is essential that the breaker tracks are free from the rubble and are not jammed up, as if these areas are blocked, they will more than likely cause rust. If you want to clean down the field after vacuuming, always advisable to use foamy water with a soft sponge.

Windows Specialists recommend spraying the spring locks of your aluminium windows and doors with a stinging lubricant. This is effective in aiding the springs to run efficiently and prevent them from becoming tricky. You can also use silicone oil on your aluminium windows/doors to prevent them from rust and corrode. This should only be completed once you have cleaned them thoroughly.

Not only should you lubricate the tracks, but it is also useful to lubricate anything such as locks, doorknobs, and roller fabrications. This will keep them moving easily for a more extended cycle.

Squeaky clean glass 

The first thing you have to do is to make sure the glass parts of the doors are wash and free from dirt or trash. The most efficient way to clean this crystal is just with a bit of shampoo and clean water. Anything too rough may scratch the coat. We advise cleaning the glass with a soft cloth and slight detergent mixed with warm water, as everything too harsh can scrape the surface. You can also clean the glass with a distinctive ‘glass cleaner’ along with newspaper in a rounded motion. This will safeguard perfectly clean and transparent aluminium windows and doors.

Wash the frame

The frame of your windows or doors should be maintained the same way as the tracks. Using a soft fabric or wash with minimal detergent is the best way of detaching dirt. When you have done cleaning your aluminium doors/windows, make sure you dry everything clean with a dry cloth to prevent decay.
Cleaning your aluminium windows/doors can put some sparkle back into them after they have been washed. Using steel wool and a little bit of water is all you need. This might take some time, but it will give your frames looking perfect.

Lubricate Hardware Components

Use a stubble applier to grease anything like locks and handles, with a wet through silicone spray. It is also a nice idea to apply lubrication to places and joints to keep them moving efficiently.

How Often Should I Maintain My Windows and Doors?

Generally, you should clean and inspect your aluminium doors and windows quarterly at least. You should have a professional inspect and maintain your windows about once a year for ideal results and long life.

If you think it times a time to replace your doors and windows, you must consider your local window & doors supplier.