How to Buy the Best Security Door?


We have all been there. It is hot and stodgy, and you need to leave the front entry door open to get a breeze moving. However, that is just an invitation for convicts to enter on in and help themselves to all your things. You could install a custom security door and allow in all the air and light you want while still preventing someone from stealing in.

What kind of security door do I need?

It’s all depends on how much safety you need and the look that you’re after for your home. If you live in a neighborhood prone to break-ins, you might want to consider a steel door with a steel grille. If you simply want to give the appearance of security while keeping out bugs, a sturdy Aluminium door could be enough. For those who just want a fly screen, a cheap Aluminium quantity might suffice.

There are various types of screen doors available with different combinations of showcases.

Meeting the Standard

Unfortunately, in most countries, a product marketed as a “security door” may only secure you beside flies: the term is irrelevant unless the door can be shown to meet Australian Standard. There is also a specification for installation, and you should ask the installation expert for a written guarantee that its work fulfills.

You might experience claims that a door is identical to a better-known brand name, such as Crimsafe. This can be difficult to confirm; if in doubt, check with the company being utilized as the correlation.

Selection of Frames

  • Aluminium is less susceptible to corrosion than steel.
  • It should also be strengthened at the curves. Doors may have internal area stakes, which you will not be able to see, but fully bonded corner joints are likely to be stronger.
  • Industry experts say a steel door is considered as the most efficient security door.


  • Various doors the grille is bolted to the edge. Ensure the door does not have Aluminium bolts inaccessible positions. Look for rivets that are sealed at the back of the frame, and that not too far separated: at least one every 25cm, and ideally every second connection point ought to be bolted.
  • A grille that is bonded to the frame may be more reliable; again, no more than 25cm between bonding spots and well at every connection point.


Key locks should be a five-pin cylinder or equivalent. Wafer locks are more vulnerable. A three-point lock may prevent the bottom or top of the door being wrenched back by an intruder and should also spread the force of an attack.

Custom Design

Security doors should almost always be custom-made because installing them so they meet the standard can be a matter of mere millimeters.

Fire Safety

Check how easy it will be to get out of your home in case of fire or another emergency.