One of the industry’s best energy-efficient window kinds is Aluminium Louvre Windows. They are so effective that you may believe they are a modern creation designed by a famous designer, but in reality, they have been around for much longer.

The earliest aluminium louvre windows were built in mediaeval Europe as a ventilation device for the spacious kitchens of many of the fashionable homes of the time. They usually comprised a box that rested atop a shaft in the ceiling and walls and was made of wood initially, then later clay.

High-Quality Louvre Windows From Imperial Aluminium

Louvre windows make a bold visual statement, whilst also allowing maximum control of the airflow into your home. Our Louvre Windows Melbourne has been designed for easy cleaning and smooth and simple operation.

Features of Louvre Windows Melbourne:Louvre Windows Melbourne

  •  Lockable handle as standard.
  •  All louvre blades available in 6mm glass in a range of glass types.
  •  Inline Reveal as the standard for energy efficiency and ease of installation.
  •  Engineered and tested to Australian Standards AS2047 and AS1170 by AWA(Australian Window Association) for structural performance and weather resistance and glazed in accordance with AS1288.
  •  Lead time typically 20 working days.
  •  Durable powder coated finish available in the A&L standard range of colours in your state.
  •  Matching fly screens available.

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The Benefits of Using Aluminium Louvre Windows

There are several myths surrounding louvre windows, some of which include:

  • They are exclusively employed in business buildings like office buildings.
  • Cleaning them is difficult.
  • They cannot have fly screens installed on them.

There is no way that these beliefs are accurate. Louvre windows are really widely utilized in a wide range of household applications, including sun porches and the rest of the house.

These days, glass planks are frequently used to create louvre windows, while other designs may also use aluminium louvre windows are a great option for ventilation and natural lighting, and they may be made with glass that reflects light and reduces glare.

Contrary to popular belief, excellent quality aluminium louvre windows are distinguished by their simplicity of maintenance. They are the perfect option for hotter weather because of technological advances that make it simple to maintain and keep them from the inside.

Another misunderstanding concerning louvre windows is that screening cannot be installed in them. Security and flyscreens can be added to high-quality louvre windows.

Aluminium louvre windows work well in moderate to tropical conditions, as those seen in Australia’s northern and coastal regions. That’s because, despite the fact that almost all louvre windows can now be manufactured with a tight seal thanks to technical advancements, they are not the greatest choice for colder areas.

The following are some essential qualities of aluminium louvre windows to take into account:

  • Louvre windows may open two times as wide as conventional windows, providing for the most ventilation possible.
  • Airflow may be controlled by adjusting the blades. For instance, turning the blades up will flow cold air toward the ceiling for the most cooling impact.
  • Placing a wall of louvre windows will allow warm air to depart while allowing cold air to enter.

As you can see, selecting high-quality louvre windows is a fantastic way to increase the value of your house while keeping it stylish and energy-efficient. For any inquiry or Buy louvre windows? Call us 03 9749 7115