Create the perfect entrance with our range of entry frames, available in aluminium and timber. Whether you are looking for a striking front entry or practical laundry or side door, we have a wide range of options to meet any unique requirements.


  •  Provides insulation from draughts, rain and noise with a self-draining aluminium tread.
  •  Superior energy efficiency provided by sealing around the door jamb and tread.
  •  Available in a range of sizes.
  •  Variety of glazing options available.
  •  Available with transom or no transom.
  •  Double sidelight, single sidelight or no sidelights available.
  •  Sidelights available in aluminium onl.y
  •  Full perimeter seal as standard (Bulb Seal).
  •  Prehinged (chrome), on right or left.
  •  Chrome striker plate fitted as standard with secondary deadbolt hole pre-punched.
  •  Powdercoated colour as standard, no need for painting.
  •  Sill powdercoated Oyster as standard for high traffic wearing.
  •  Bulb seals fitted to sill as standard to prevent scraping against the concrete slab.
  •  Full width aluminium sill under sidelights for increased strength.
  •  Sill seal fitted as standard for the door.
  •  Concealed fixings for ease of installation.
  •  Available as open in only.
  •  Not available without a sill.