Which Aluminum Window Types Are Good For Your Home

Which Aluminum Window Types Are Good For Your Home?

When we talk about Aluminium Windows And Doors, we need to realize what are the benefits of aluminum windows. Aluminum windows play an important role when building a new home or even doing a renovation. Most people think that windows are normally used for bright light, a better view of outside the building and comforting warmth, etc. But there are also other benefits as well which most people don’t even realize, that includes security, acoustic performance, and energy efficiency, etc.

You have other options available in the form of Low-E coating which provides a boost in energy efficiency. Some other products such as handles, cranks, and rollers help you to improve the performance of the windows. 

There are a lot of options available when trying to select a window for your house or new building there is a lot to consider. Today we are going to discuss the most common Aluminium Windows.


  • Sliding Windows:


Aluminium Sliding Windows consisted of a fixed panel of glass and moving panels. The function of these windows is by sliding the moving panel left to right horizontally. The sliding window situation works well in common rooms. They are specially used in the house in bathrooms, kitchens, and utility areas. These windows are popular because of their simple functional design.


  • Double Wing Windows:


Double-hung windows consisted of two vertically moving slash panels. The function of these panels is the top panel moves down and the bottom panel moves up and that’s how it provides you the opportunity to operate both the panels independently. You can lock these windows in an open position, for example, to keep your home secure if you want to leave your windows open slightly for ventilation while you’re asleep or out of your home for a bit.


  • Awning Windows:


Awning windows joined at the top of the opening, allow the window at the bottom to open and swing outwards. This type of window has a fixed degree opening which makes it perfect to leave open in the light rain. You can have the option to open the window fully or partially.

Awning windows are more popular especially for people having a child in the house so that their fixed opening angle makes sure no children climb through and reach and because of no sharp edges and corners to be concerned when the window is open.


  • Louvre Windows:


Louvre aluminum windows are one stylish, breezy air of elegance to your house, allowing you the opportunity to easily control the airflow in the house. These windows are usually used in rooms that have less wall space including laundry areas or bathrooms and narrow hallways.

This option consisted of a series of horizontal glass slats that are opened and closed by sliding a lever upwards and downwards. the louver windows provide some security while you are sleeping or away from the house


  • Bi-fold Windows:


The aluminum bi-fold window provides you with a way to maximize window space without compromising on the window style.

These types of aluminum windows commonly used in kitchen open areas for entertainment allow you to use these windows as a survey window while entertaining.