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Find A Glass That Suits Your Needs

There are many things to consider before choosing the best glass for your aluminum windows. It depends on weather conditions or your home where it is located. One thing everyone is focused on these days is how they can cut down the energy cost.

There are many styles in your home design that depend on energy efficiency rating and windows are one of those elements. The category thermal performance explains well how windows help to protect against cold and hot weather conditions.

There is confusion among most people that the thickness of glass helps to protect virtually against heat and cold weather conditions but that’s not true, thickness only helps to strengthen and resilience of windows and is generally used in high-rise buildings and apartments.

Different Types Of Glass Windows And Their Functions:

  •       Double glazed windows.
  •       Single glazed windows.
  •       Annealed glass.
  •       Toughened glass.
  •       Laminated glass.

Double glazed windows

Double glazed windows are one of the best and the highest performing energy-efficient glass on the current market. It is very common for an insulated glass unit (IGU) which can combine two glasses separated by air or it can also separate using gas like argon. As we know the Double glazed window is thicker than the single glazed window, so it needs to be fitted into a deeper product. There are different types of double-glazed aluminium windows with different sizes, thicknesses, and performance against the thermal activity.

  • Thermal Benefits:

Most Australian homes have used single glazed windows in the past which commonly use glass panes of 3mm or 4mm thick. These glasses are not good enough to protect from heat and cold. According to calculation 87% of heat gain during summer and 49% of heat lost during winter can come through windows. So, it is very important to have Double glazed windows to have thermal benefits.

  • Warm In Winter:

A double-glazed window helps you to keep warm inside the building. According to research the loss of heat during winter from double glazed windows is over 54% less than single glazed windows. They can also increase the performance of double-glazed windows by using one side of the unit made from high-performance glass such as lowE which helps to increase the performance up to 70% less heat loss than a single glazed window.

  • Cooler In Summer:

Double glazed windows help you to protect yourself from strong sunlight and heat in summer and keep your home cool and fresh. The temperature reduction benefits up to 50% or more.

  • Energy Efficiency Benefits:

If you are using aluminium double glazed windows there is less loss of heat in winter which means keep warm inside and cool in summer because of less gain in heat. So, if you are getting the temperature inside the house by using a Double glazed window means very little use of air conditioners which will be a lot of savings in your bills.

  • Noise Barrier:

A double-glazed window helps you to avoid the noise from outside. As compared to single glazed windows it has a lot more capability to reduce noise pollution.

  • Increased security:

Doubles provide better security and protection over a single glazed. The use of laminated glass on the one side of Double glazed window improves security.

Single glazed windows

The single glazed window is a type of window which only has one layer of glass or a single pane within the window. In most of the standard houses, people use single glazed windows. Most of the old houses used single glazed windows. Single glazed windows can come in a variety of glasses including annealed glass, toughened glass, etc.

Annealed Glass

Annealed glass is commonly used in many windows. The process of annealed glass is while in production of that glass they make the glass to cool it down. This type of glass is good for polishing and cutting purposes but not good for heat resistance therefore in the modern era not many people prefer to use annealed glass anymore.

Toughened Glass

The production of toughened glass is very different. They heat the panes in some very certain way to make them stronger. By using this process, they can make the glass shatter into small, chunky squares rather than long, thin shards. This type of glass is stronger than annealed glass panes and has very few chances of cracked or smashing.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is that type of glass that is basically used where security is concerned because it is stronger glass like toughened glass. Laminated glass is not only a stronger type of glass but also provides help to protect against the impact of noise. Laminated glass is made up of a soft vinyl layer between two pieces of glass which helps to minimize the transmission of noise.