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How Can You Improve the Ventilation Process Without Opening a Window?

As we all know, meeting the BCA requirements is sometimes quite hard to meet and gets a bit tricky because if you follow one rule, it will make changes in the other one. Here is a good example of that, we must have a natural ventilation system in our rooms through aluminum windows and doors, and on the side, we have to follow very strict rules for child safety depending on the window opening size when you have more than a one-story building. Let’s discuss in detail the natural ventilation process.


Importance of ventilation

Ventilation is so important for your health and alertness. A good ventilation process is one of the best features of a cool and comfortable home. Ventilation also helps to reduce the smell of pets or cooking. Choosing the best quality aluminum windows and doors and selecting the best possible place to install the aluminum windows and doors can really be helpful for a good and quality ventilation process. When we talk about ventilation it leads to better indoor air quality (IAQ). Ventilation also increases the productivity of people living in the building. Here are a few reasons why good ventilation is important.


Personal health

Poor ventilation and air impurities can cause a lot of health issues like allergies, headaches. Exposure to mold can also cause serious problems for your immune system. Sometimes the mold stays for a long period and that prolong mold can lead to asthma. Poor ventilation has serious health issues.


Temperature control

A good ventilation process helps to manage the indoor temperature. When there is a large number of people in one room the environment becomes hot. A good ventilation system can improve the airflow and decrease the temperature of the room without relying on an air conditioner or fans.


Moisture control

 Condensation is also an important part of buildings, and it mainly occurs in kitchens and bathrooms by using the ovens and stovetop or the shower. Without a proper ventilation system, it can give really bad damage to your wooden surface and dry the walls which will cost you a lot of money to cover that damage.


When we are unable to open aluminium windows and doors widely for good ventilation one of the best solutions is the trickle ventilation process.


Trickle ventilation

Trickle ventilation is a very small opening in an aluminum door and windows that allow fresh air inside the building without any risk even when the doors and windows are closed. It is a very cost-effective process; it does not need a large maintenance process. It also meets the BCA ventilation regulation.

  •       Less noise.
  •       Less pollution.
  •       Able to use in any building including residential, commercial, educational, etc.
  •       Minimize the risk of child fall.
  •       Improves IAQ (Improve Air Quality).


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