Noise Reduction with Double Glazed Windows

Double Glazed Windows
Keep always in mind that standard windows are made from a single sheet of 3mm glass. This isn’t enough to give noise insulation. Using thicker glass can deliver some insulation. Double glazing offers the best protection against exterior noises, but some types of double glazed windows work better than others. Here’s what you need to know about noise reduction with double glazing.

The most effective soundproof glass windows are ones that are double glazed; that is, they consist of two panes of glass with a 20mm void in between.  Double glazing is two panels of glass separated by an air or gas pocket. Standard double glazed windows have two panes of 3mm glass separated by a 6mm air or gas pocket. Of course, not all double-glazed windows can reduce noise at all. The thickness of the glass, the gap in between the panes, and how well the windows are fitted all contribute to their efficiency.

Below are some of the number’s researchers have come up with. Percentages are improvements over a standard 3mm single glass window:

  • 19%: 4mm/12mm gap/4mm (voice noise reduction)
  • 34%: 10mm/12mm gap/6mm (voice noise reduction)
  • 46%: 10mm/12mm gap/6.38mm laminated glass
  • 57%: 6mm/100mm gap/4mm (traffic noise reduction)

One of the commonest ways to slash noises is also the most efficient. Instead of replacing your windows, you can retrofit them with windows fitted on your current windows. Usually, these are acrylic windows fitted with electromagnets. The air gap among your existing windows and the new window is around 90 – 100mm. If correctly fitted with no air gaps, this type of double glazing can decrease traffic noise by up to 70 percent.

How Much do Double Glazing Window reduce noise?

Mostly People usually refer to windows and doors with double glazing thickness as “hush glass”, and for a great reason –noise can be reduced by up to 90%! Their noise reduction properties are assisted by the uPVC frames, which reduce noise vibrations through the window unit. These frames are substantially better to wood and aluminum, which simply don’t cover properly. In fact, metal conveys noise quicker than any other raw material!

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