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Being a witness to her late husband’s struggles in life, and his death, as well as her own life story, led to her first book: “Pathways: From Victim, To Survivor, And Beyond”, published in September 2018; her second book “7 Ways to Heal From a Loved One’s Suicide” is due out by end of 2019. She and her Widow Women Connect co-founder Roni Ketchum are co-authoring “You Are Not Alone ~ Widow Women Connect”, due out winter 2019, detailing their shared loss and their vision of being in service to other widows.

 Karen’s topics of speaking do not end with life after losing a spouse, she also speaks on overcoming adversities, finding your new normal, letting go of unwanted negative labels, childhood sexual assault trauma and healing, placing a child for adoption, which includes being a birth mom, and her own battle with depression, anxiety and PTSD.  And she is a mentor to women of all ages, helping them to find their self-worth and cultivate the ability to overcome adversities in their lives.

 Karen spent 30 years in the corporate world and only after her husband’s death, did she fulfill her lifelong dream of writing and becoming an author. She is an encourager of everyone she meets, she loves to smile and laugh and has a zany, sarcastic sense of humor, a trait she learned from her Dad who she says is the ‘king of puns and one-liners’. She has one adult son Chris, who she is delighted to call one of her best friends, and currently lives in her favorite city on earth, Boise, Idaho along with the man in her life, a black cat named Puma.