Karen's Mentoring Journey

Karen's Mentoring Journey


Karen has been through a lot in her life and has personally received help from counselors and therapists and she’s done a lot of work in the areas of personal growth and experiential life trainings. And she is mentors of her own who have been invaluable in her personal and professional growth.

She is also an empath which gives her an intuition into other people’s emotional pain. She listens and hears with both her ears and her empathetic sensitivity which gives her a very unique perspective and with her eyes she picks up on body language which can often tell her more than any spoken word. She is not a counselor or therapist nor does she claimed to be either she is simply a friend who can often understand the struggles and battles which all humans encounter. If you would like more information or want to talk to Karen please contact using the form below.


Karen is a phenomenal mentor and I can definitely say the world needs more people like her in it. An individual can find many mentors out there, but they will discover that they lack sincerity and true unfailing love. Karen does not. Karen genuinely cares about her mentees. Karen entered my life at a very difficult time and helped tremendously.

At the time, I was entirely lost. I didn’t know what I was doing or where I was going in life; however, with Karen’s amazing help I found my way to true happiness and discovered a passion with myself that I never knew I had.



When I met Karen, I was working at what will remain the worst job I ever had. I remember her just showing up one day. There she stood, at check-stand number five. Her big, creative earrings, and that smile. She was out of place, I don’t remember who talked to whom first, but I probably went over to bag for her and introduced myself. What then happened after, was something neither of us probably expected.

During work, I would involuntarily find myself coming to her like an injured puppy. At first, I didn’t understand why. Sure, Karen had a maternal instinct (she had children) but why did I confide in this stranger? As Karen opened up to me, it was made clear that Karen’s life and mine were very similar. Karen often told me that I reminded her of herself when she was younger and it was actually a compliment to be able to have someone to identify with. She shares stories of her upbringing decisions and how they all affected her period Karen gave the best advice because she had the most life experience.

Karen told us one day that she was planning to move back to boy see and naturally everyone was quite upset. There is never been anyone working in that grocery store like Karen Ann I think very few people have opportunities in their lives to meet someone like her.

When Karen’s husband Robert past Karen took a little time of course. But somehow someway Karen did not become bitter she did not become angry Karen remained the same beautiful strong encouraging woman that I know and love and even that has taught me something even though I don’t get to see her every day now she still teaching me things. I am so blessed to have Karen appear in my life and be able to teach me things and even be like a second mom to me.

-Lily, 18